Top 10 frequently asked questions.


#1 How long did it take to paint that?

66 years (BTW - It's considered very rude to ask an artist this question.)

#2 Will you paint my pet, driving my car, etc. etc.?

No. I retired from commissioned work Dec 2017. That was a great gig and thanks to all who trusted me to immortalize your beloved pets. Now I'm in my elder gig years and I'm excited to be experiencing new growth in technique and composition. These GALLERIES sell that work.  If you really want a "Townsend" check them out. The GALLERIES

#3 What's with all the old vehicles?

 I like how they look.

#4 Can I get a "better deal" if I contact you directly?


#5 Do I need to get my new painting framed?

If you want, but not necessary. They are "gallery wrapped" and ready to hang. Paint, paint, paint on all sides. (Is this really one of the top 10 frequently asked questions. Of artist Connie R Townsend?)

#6 Why do you paint dogs driving cars? /vehicles?

Ever notice how when you leave your dog in the car to run into the store (probably to buy a 60lb bag of dog food) you return to find your dog sitting in the driver's seat?   And then you're at home, say working on the computer, and you hear this "wuh, wuh, wuh, wuhoof" (sound of car starting) coming from your napping dogs lips, and their tail is sorta twitching or wagging, and their legs are moving (clutching and shifting).  I think they're dreaming about driving that car.

My paintings are DOG DREAMS.

Connie with her beloved '58 Willys Wagon.

#7 Why can't you put all that on a smaller canvas?

Myopia (n) my·o·pi·a

1. Shortness of sight: a common condition in which light entering the eye is focused in front of the retina and distant objects cannot be seen sharply.

2. Lack of foresight: lack of foresight or long-term planning.

#8 Why did you make that dog's nose so big?

Well, I don't really know.

#9 How many pets do you have?

2 dogs

2 cats

20 chickens

#10​ Where can I get a T-shirt? Or a mug, print on canvas, etc?

Fur Should Fly   Or you can Google "CR Townsend prints". There are a handful of images  released through Image Conscious. The royalties earned from these sales are donated to my local rescue. And occasionally there are prints for sale on this site to raise funds for animal rescue and low cost spay/neuter.

More questions? Ask a gallery, they talk prettier.

GALLERIES  - contact info

I sincerely appreciate you visiting my site daily to maximize my search engine optimization (SEO). Love your life and strive to become the person your dog thinks you are. Peace, love and dog biscuits.  Truly, Connie